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TBM Purchase

Purchasing a TBM

When considering the purchase of your own TBM, it is advisable to arrange a non-binding personal meeting during which you will learn everything you need to know about the process of purchasing an airplane. Compared to other types of aircraft, the indisputable advantage of the TBM is that it is an aircraft manufactured in a member state of the European Union (France), meaning the purchase process is simple both from a technical point of view and from a tax and customs point of view. Another advantage is that the customer takes delivery of the new aircraft directly from the manufacturer, thus saving both the flight hours of the aircraft and the considerable costs associated with a flight across the Atlantic Ocean by other types of airplanes. The meeting can be arranged by phone at +420 606 790 881 or via e-mail kurka@hls-sales.aero .

+ 420 606 790 881 kurka@hls-sales.aero