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TBM 910

TBM 910

The TBM 910 is a time-tested model from the TBM family which has proven itself over the years. It was launched on the market in the spring of 2016 and to date almost 80 airplanes have been manufactured in this particular model. Due to the excellent ratio between its performance, equipment and price, it remained in production until the end of 2023, when its production was terminated.

Basic Technical Parameters:

Engine – Pratt and Whitney Canada: PT6A-66D  
Engine Power: 850 SHP at 2000 RPM (633 kW)
Propeller – Five-Bladed - Hartzell: HC-E5N-3C / NC8834K  
Number of Persons Onboard: 6  
Maximum Speed at ISA: 323 KTAS (True Air Speed) at FL310
Maximum Rate of Climb at ISA: 2855 ft / min až 2050 ft / min (at 2628 to 3354 kg TOW)
Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW): 7394 lbs (3354 kg)
Empty Weight (EW): 4583 lbs (2079 kg)
Useful Load: 2811 lbs (1275 kg)
Front Baggage Compartment Capacity: 110 lbs (50 kg)
Rear Baggage Compartment Capacity: 220 lbs (100 kg) (at 6 PAX onboard)
  396 lbs (180 kg) (at 4 PAX onboard)



At the time of its creation, the TBM 910 was also the fastest commercially manufactured singleengine turboprop aircraft in the world (323 KTAS), offering a unique range even at maximum payload. For example, the aircraft is able to fly non-stop from the Czech Republic to Ireland, Portugal or Greece. Thanks to its high cruising speed, the travel times are significantly reduced and the life limits of the aircraft and its components are consumed significantly less. The high cruising speed also significantly reduces the influence of any strong headwinds encountered during flight.

Also, the TBM 910 offers an excellent rate of climb (up to 2855 ft / min), which enables it to reach high flight levels (up to FL310) in an exceptionally short time and thus it provides the most economical and fastest flight times in its class. The time of climb to FL310 at MTOW is less than 19 min.

The aircraft can take off and land even on grass airfields. The unique engine performance combined with the possibility of braking with the help of a reversed propeller allows for taking off and landing on very short runways even at maximum take-off weight.

With the TBM 910, the direct operating costs per person transported and mile flown are equivalent to the costs of current piston-engine aircraft and are approximately one-third lower than a PC-12’s costs per person transported and mile flown.

Aircraft Equipment:

The TBM 910 is equipped with a Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-66D engine offering 850 SHP. The basic maintenance interval of the aircraft is 200 hrs / year, with a Hot Section Inspection (HSI) at 1750 flight hours and engine overhaul (OH) at 3500 flight hours). Its Hartzell five-bladed propeller provides maximum thrust in all flight modes.

The aircraft is certified for all-weather operations, including flights into known icing conditions (FIKI). The installed ESP (Electronic Stability and Protection) and USP (Under Speed Protection) systems ensure the aircraft automatically returns to standard flight parameters if accidentally exceeded.

The avionics consists of the Garmin G1000 NXi, which is an improved version of the proven and reliable G1000 system.

Four rails have been installed along the entire length of the cabin floor. The rails allow not only the pilots to move their seats back (so that they do not sit with bent knees during the whole flight), but they also allow the passenger´s cabin to be configured, thus enabling different arrangements of seats, cabinets and tables. If necessary, the seats, cabinets and tables can be removed and the entire cabin space can be used for transporting cargo (e.g. bicycles).

A large cargo door provides passengers comfortable entry and exit from the cabin as well as providing more space for loading larger cargo. A front door installed on the left side of the pilot´s cockpit allows the crew to enter and exit the cockpit comfortably and separately from passengers. Thanks to this solution, the standing aircraft will never overturn, drop, or damage its fuselage tail section, which can easily happen with airplanes that lack a front pilot door and when the crew is forced to enter the plane through a cabin door together with the passengers.

In addition to the rear cargo compartment, the aircraft is also equipped with a large front cargo compartment located between the engine and the cockpit. It can easily accommodate larger luggage or golf clubs.

The colour design of the exterior and the material and colour design of the interior can be customized according to the customer's wishes.

Warranty and Maintenance:

The standard warranty is provided for a period of 5 years / 1000 flight hours. The price of the new aircraft also covers the cost of its regular maintenance for the same period (excluding consumables, i.e. parts which naturally show significant operational wear and tear (tyres, plates, belts, fluids etc.)).

When deciding on the purchase of a TBM 910, the indisputable advantage is that its service and maintenance background for the Czech and Slovak Republics consists of the top-notch work of Hradecka Letecka Servisni s.r.o. technicians at Hradec Králové airport (LKHK) and is therefore easily accessible not only for Czech and Slovak owners but also for owners from neighbouring countries.

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